Mergers and Acquisition

Our M&A team are comprised of highly-specialized M&A practitioners who offer legal & tax expertise. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions are among the most complex activities a business can undertake. In today’s global market, where not all information is transparent, these transactions present an even greater challenge. Companies include a substantial part of their value creation/synergy targets in the acquisition purchase price. Due to expected future defaults and economic issues, management – more than ever before – wants to quantify the risk of not being able to meet those targets.

Our M&A team includes auditors, tax expert, CPAs and business experts who provide investigative analysis of businesses including background history, results/projections, cash flows, market analysis, management information, commercial and operational issues, and systems and controls.

Our M&A Due Diligence services help companies to:

  • Make sure potential issues are addressed early on in the process
  • Identify potential management or cultural challenges
  • Develop, evaluate and validate quantitative financial models that support critical decisions
  • Ensure awareness of regulatory and other compliance issues
  • Document the target company’s business processes and control points